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Hand Picked Trans-Siberian Accommodation

Making the right accommodation selection will really enhance the overall enjoyment of your Trans-Siberian experience. We prioritize location wherever possible along with accommodation that has a character unique to its particular region. We have visited all the options below so please take advantage of all the leg work already done!

Hand picked accommodation

Variety Along The Route

A Trans-Siberian trip offers up a huge variety of accommodation options from Soviet era monoliths to traditional Siberian Home Stays and Guest Houses, unique and surprisingly comfortable Mongolian Ger Camps and Traditional Chinese Courtyard Hotels tucked away in the ancient hutongs of cities like Beijing. We think a good trip should offer this variety.

Location, Location, Location!

Some of the cities visited are vast sprawling affairs with populations of several million. This makes the location of hotels hugely important. In cities such as Moscow and Beijing our approach is the location is king and we make sure we only use hotels in the best locations close to the sights you will want to see which makes a big difference to your overall experience.

Below you will find our hand-picked accommodation options for the most visited destinations along the Trans-Siberian routes.  Accommodation is in geographical order from West to East – so St Petersburg to Beijing and Vladivostok an also through China. Don’t forget, we can book many additional options on request.

St Petersburg Hotels

The beautiful city of St Petersburg is a treat and we keep that in mind when selecting hotels here looking for a certain style or character that fits the city. Note that availability is a challenge in the summer months.

Moscow Hotels

With Moscow’s reputation for high prices and few centrally located options below 5* standard it is essential to pick the right hotels in Russia’s capital. Our hand picked and visited selection is below.

Golden Ring Hotels

The Golden Ring cities do not have stand out 5* hotel options but they do have some good mid-range ones with good locations and a great deal of character with the best of those used on our trips below.

Kazan Hotels

The key in Kazan is location and both the options below have a great location near the city’s main atttraction – the Kremlin complex.

Perm Hotels

In Perm is a straight choice between the vast Ural hotel and the higher end Hilton. We are firm believers that at least one soviet style hotel should be stayed in on a Trans-Siberian trip so we would go for the Ural every time.

Ekaterinburg Hotels

Hotel standards can be high in the prosperous city of Ekaterinburg and they do come with high prices as much of the demand comes from business travel and doesn’t leave much room for mid-range or budget.

Novosibirsk Hotels

Not many stop in Novosibirsk but if you do and feel you are in need of a treat mid-way through your trip the Marriott is both of a high standard and perfectly located. for  something more mid-range the Azimut is good value and has a good restaurant attached to it.

Krasnoyarsk Hotels

Krasnoyarsk has several very good mid-range options but little at the higher end of the scale. However, if you have the sense of adventure to comer all the way here the hotels listed below are all more than adequate.

Irkutsk Hotels

Decent standard options are limited in Irkutsk and as you are likely to have been on a train or down at Lake Baikal for a few days before a hotel stay here we err on the side of the best available standard!

Lake Baikal Accomodation

Lake Baikal offers the best options for a real Siberian experience and although most accommodation is quite basic they make up for it with character & hospitality – particularly Guesthouses and Home Stays.

Ulan Ude Hotels

Our standard offering in Ulan Ude is a home stay in an apartment. This is partly because Ulan Ude is a more cultural stopover but also because the hotel selection in the city has traditionally been poor. However, the recent emergence of the Mergan Bator Hotel does give a decent hotel option at last.

Khabarovsk Hotels

Khabarovsk has one very good option, the expensive but characterful Parus, and that is about it really unless you need (or your budget dictates) an Intourist hotel fix!

Vladivostok Hotels

Despite becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists and the 2012 APEC summit Vladivostok doesn’t have a large range of hotels and prices are high for the standards available.

Mongolia Accommodation

Standards have risen in Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar but the essence of any stay in Mongolia is to get into the countryside and stay in the increasingly comfortable ger camps – a truly unique experience!

Beijing Hotels

China’s capital of Beijing has the best range of accommodation options along the whole Trans-Siberian route with excellent 5* to wonderfully atmospheric courtyard hotels nestled deep in the ancient Hutongs!

Xian Hotels

Xian is one of China’s most visited destinations and there is a huge range of hotels on offer although many are not of a great standard. We have visited all the hotels below and recommend them for rating.

Chengdu Hotels

Chengdu has some fantastic hotel options ranging from modern 5* to some of China’s best 3* traditional style options which set the standard for China these days.

Harbin Hotels

Most people come and visit Harbin during the 6 weeks of the Snow and Ice Festival and hotel prices spike in reaction tot he demand. The options here are good value and well located.

Shanghai Hotels

Shanghai is a vast sprawling city and the location of your hotel will make a huge difference to your experience of the city and we make this a priority with The Bund being the ideal area to be in.

Guilin & Yangshuo Hotels

Most stays in Guilin are for just one night with an early morning departure the next day on the Li River Cruise to Yangshuo For many Yangshuo is a place to relax from the relative rigours of China travel for a few days and offers many options. We feel the ones below – all small and boutique in style –  are a real cut above the rest.

Hong Kong Hotels

Hotel prices are high in Hong Kong and many hotels have much smaller rooms than in Mainland China. We recommend choosing a hotel in Kowloon close to the harbour if you are visiting for tourism.

Tibet Hotels

Lhasa, capital of the “roof of the world” has some interesting hotel options. For an authentic experience you want to be in the Old City and close to Barkhor Square although 5* options are not found in this area.

Yangtze Cruise Ships

Yangtze  Cruise Ships fall into 4* or 5* categories with little to distinguish boats within their class. All boats have good facilities, food and the same views! We will book the best boat option for your day of departure.

Hangzhou Hotels

The West Lake area of Hangzhou is where you want to be staying and there are some fabulous hotels set in large grounds. Prices tend to be high in Hangzhou as it is hugely popular with Chinese tourists.

Pingyao Hotels

When choosing a hotel in the ancient walled city of Pingyao it is essential to be inside the city walls and highly advisable to stay at one of the higher end converted Ming dynasty banking houses.

Huangshan Hotels

Huangshan Mountain is not known for its hotels. In fact in some respects it is remarkable any hotels have been built in the summit area. Expectations should be kept low just as prices are high but then you do not come here for the hotel room but for the stunning scenery.

Kathmandu Hotels

Almost all our clients visit Kathmandu after a trip through Tibet. Consequently just about any hotels is an upgrade on the hardships of the Tibetan Plateau south of Shigatse. To increase the sensory contrast we think it is a great idea to go for something really good and comfortable.

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