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St Petersburg Tours & Add-ons

St Petersburg is Russia’s cultural capital with so much to see that it can be hard to know where to start. With museums, palaces and architecture seemingly everywhere you look having some of your time privately guided here is a really good idea. We offer a range of 3 to 5 hour tours that are an ideal way to structure your time in this city. Most tours have the option of a walking and public transport version which helps keep the costs down and connect you with the city and are ideal for the summer months. The tours can also be upgraded to a private car which is worth considering if there during the bitter winter months. Contact us with any questions you have.


SP-01: 3 Hour Introductory Walking Tour of the City

Popularity: ★★★★★ | Price from £ 45 per person

Begin your time in St Petersburg with this superb introduction to this beautiful city with your private guide, learning about the history and architecture as well as life in today’s St Petersburg. The tour focuses on Nevsky Prospect including the Palace Square, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Winter Palace and the Admiralty amongst many other points of interest. The tour will usually finish on arrival at the Peter and Paul Fortress where you can visit the burial place of all the Russian Tzars from Peter the Great to Nicholas II.


Please note the tour does not include entrance fees and individual sights need to be visited at a later time.

SP-02: 4 Hour Walking City Tour Including St Issac’s Cathedral

Popularity: ★★★★ | Price from £ 68 per person

The perfect introduction to this beautiful city you will learn about both the history and architecture of the city as well as life in today’s St Petersburg. The tour focuses on Nevsky Prospect including the Palace Square, the Winter Palace, the Admiralty amongst many other points of interest. You will also visit the impressive St. Isaac’s Cathedral. The tour will usually finish on arrival at the Peter and Paul Fortress where you can visit the burial place of all the Russian Tzars from Peter the Great to Nicholas II.

Please note the tour does not include entrance fees except for St Isaac’s Cathedral. Individual sights need to be visited at a later time.

SP-03: 3 Hour Tour of the Treasures of the Hermitage Museum

Popularity: ★★★★★ | Price from £ 64 per person

The Hermitage is one of the world’s largest and greatest art museums and this 3 hour tour provides a good introduction to the collections as well as some orientation of this vast collection of 3,000,000 objects exhibited in 4 buildings, the most famous being the Winter Palace – the former Tzars’ residence. Your guide can help you find the paintings or artefacts that you are interested in and relate the history and often mysterious stories surrounding the Winter Palace and its former habitants.


This tour includes entrance to the Hermitage.

SP-04: 2 Hour Tour of Peter Paul Fortress & Cathedral

Popularity: ★★★★ | Price from £ 40 per person

The Peter & Paul Fortress is one of St Petersburg’s premiere attractions and a unique example of Russian fortification construction from the early eighteenth century. The history of the fortress is connected with the struggle of the Russian people for an outlet to the Baltic Sea. It occupies a large area containing several sights including the iconic Peter and Paul Cathedral whose 402 foot high belfry is the highest architectural structure in St Petersburg. The Cathedral is the symbolic centre of Russia and for two hundred years almost all Russian rulers from Peter I to Nicolas II and their families were buried here making this a guided journey through Russian history.


This tour includes entrance to Peter & Paul Fortress.

SP-05: Cooking Lesson & Meal With a Russian Family - 4 Hours

Popularity: ★★★★ | Price from £ 88 per person

Experience real life Russia! Your guide will meet you at the hotel and take you on foot and by metro to the home of a Russian family. There the hostess will teach you how to cook Russian meals like borsch and pelmeni, and while you eat this meal, the hostess will talk about Russian life from her point of view and, of course, you can ask any questions you like. Washing up is optional before returning to your hotel with the guide!


SP-06: 3 Hour Tour of the Superb Fine Art of the Russian Museum

Popularity: ★★★ | Price from £ 64 per person

The Russian Museum was the first state museum dedicated to Russian fine art in the country. It was established in 1895 in St Petersburg by a decree of the Tzar Nicholas II with its grand opening for visitors in March 1898. Today the museum is a unique repository of artistic treasures, famous restoration centre, authoritative institute of academic research, one of the major cultural and educational centers in Russia and a research and educational centre overseeing the activities of 260 art museums throughout Russia.

This tour includes entrance to the Russian Museum.

SP-07: 5 Hour Tour to Peterhof by Private Car

Popularity: ★★★★★ | Price from £ 164 per person

Peterhof is a jewel of Russian art and architecture – a town of parks, palaces and fountains. In the past it was an exquisite summer residence of the Russian Tzars. From the Grand Palace of Peterhof three monumental cascading fountains lead to the Lower Park, a masterpiece in itself, with 173 fountains across its grounds. During the tour you’ll walk around the Lower Park and see the most impressive fountains and before taking a 1 hour tour of the Grand Palace itself.


This tour includes entrance to Peterhof.

SP-08: 5 Hour Tour to Pushkin & Pavlovsk by Private Car

Popularity: ★★★★★ | Price from £ 164 per person

Starting from your hotel we reach Pavlosk beginning with a walk in Pavlovsk Park before heading to the Palace, the former mansion of Catherine the Great’s son Paul. During the tour the guide will tell you about the Palace and its fascinating history. Time for a coffee break and snack (not included) before continuing on to Pushkin. Pushkin feels different to Pavlovsk as we walk to the Catherine Palace passing a lake, canals, and the former Tzars’ private pavilions. We visit the Palace, former summer residence of Catherine the Great, known worldwide for its Amber Room and numerous golden chambers. Return to your hotel in St Petersburg.


This tour includes entrance to Pushkin & Pavlosk.

SP-09: A Relaxing 3 Hour Tour by Boat Along the City’s Canals with car transfers

Popularity: ★★★★ | Price from £ 94 per person

Perhaps the most relaxed way to see St Petersburg and ideal for the long summer days. Cruises usually start from moorings on the Moika or Fontanka rivers. The boat heads for St Isaac’s Square passing under Narodny Bridge across Nevsky Prospect, Red Bridge across Gorokhovaya street and Blue Bridge, the widest in the city. Along the way see views of famous sights including the Mariinsky Theatre, Conservatory, Nicolsky Square and St Nicolas Cathedral, Izmailovsky Gardens as well as houses of the 19th and early 20th Centuries. At Anitchkov Bridge you will see several palaces – the Palace of Beloselsky-Belozersky, the Anitchkov Palace, Shuvalovsky Palace and the Sheremetievsky Palace before passing the monumental Mikhailovsky Castle and Summer Gardens.

SP-10: 2.5 Hour Tour of the Yusupov Palace Including the Rasputin Rooms

Popularity: ★★★ | Price from £ 45 per person

The Yusupov Palace is where you will see the beautiful Gala Rooms & Halls of the palace as well as getting acquainted with the destiny of it’s owner Prince Yusupov. Discover the amazing story of the architects who created the Palace, the treasures it contains and how modern Russian history has added new twists to the story. In the heart of the Palace we visit the wonderful chamber theatre whose name is connected with Fedor Shalyapin, Anna Pavlova, Franz Liszt & Polina Viardo. We also visit the Rasputin rooms whose historical interior, documents & pictures help you to feel the tragedy of this murder and the different theories behind it.

This tour includes entrance to Yusupov Palace including the Rasputin rooms.

SP-11: 3 Hour Tour by Car Bringing the Literary Side of St Petersburg

Popularity: ★★★ | Price from £ 85 per person

A tour of St Petersburg by private car focused on some of Russia great writers who have spent time in the city. These include Alexander Pushkin, Nikolai Gogol, Nikolai Nekrasov, Vladimir Nabokov, the well known Russian poets Alexander Blok and Anna Akhmatova. The tour will also include a visit to the flat of Fyodor Dostoevsky which is now a museum dedicated to him, and finishes back at your hotel.

This tour includes entrance to the flat of Fyodor Dostoevsky.

SP-12: 5 Hour Tour by Private Car of St Petersburg’s Jewish History

Popularity: ★★★ | Price from £ 142 per person

The perfect tour for those with an interest in Jewish history covering a wide range of sights although note that you won’t have time to enter all of them. A highlight is The Great Choral Synagogue built in 1893 in Moorish style with interiors by Leon Bakhman. It is the second largest in Europe and can accommodate 1,200 worshipers. You will pass Ginsburg House which belonged to the famous banker and philanthropist, Baron Horace Ginsburg, one of the leaders of the Jewish community and a major donor for the construction of the Great Choral Synagogue.

We also see The Academy of Fine Arts amongst whose graduates are the sculptor Antokolsky, the painter Mark Shagal and architect Leon Bakhman. We pass by the Museum of Russian art housing work from Levitan, Altman, Shagall, Soutin and the Church of Spilled Blood.

We visit the The Russian Ethnography Museum where there is an exhibition called “History and Culture of the Jewish people on the territory of Russia”. On display are artifacts from the Pale of Settlement by the Jewish scholar and ethnographer Ansky as well as Jewish manuscripts and first editions of Jewish books from the National Public Library. We also see the Jewish St. Petersburg Community Home which is the center of Jewish life today. It accommodates a number of Jewish organizations such as the Jewish Family Center, a welfare organization for the elderly, Hillel and the Institute of Judaica.

If time permits we can also see the Jewish Memorial Cemetery, among those buried here are public figures such as S. Polyakov, Ginsbourg, Antokolsky and victims of the Siege of Leningrad. The tour finishes back at your hotel.

This tour includes entrance to The Russian Ethnography Museum.


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