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Luxurious Yet Affordable China Tours & Travel Packages

Vast and extraordinary, China with its 5,000 years of recorded history and a huge range of world class sights, is the start or finish of most Trans-Siberian Tours and for many a destination in itself.

So whether you require a luxury tour beginning in one of Hong Kong’s world class hotels or you travel to China to see Xian’s Terracotta army our escorted tours to China cover all places, famous or “off the beaten track” and can be specifically tailored to suit your needs.

Tour China Before or After the Trans-Siberian

Any tour to China will usually take in the capital, Beijing. Home to world class sights such as the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and the Great Wall and the start or end point for the vast majority of Trans Siberian journeys. Include Shanghai and you will have a chance to see the beautiful Yu Garden and stroll along the Bund. Put those two destinations together with Xian and its Terracotta warriors and you have the three most popular Mainland China destinations for China tours.

Amazing Scenery of China including the Li River and Lijiang

If you are looking for amazing scenery then destinations such as the Li River at Guilin & Yangshuo with it’s amazing Karst mountain scenery or Lijiang with it’s cobbled streets and looming Jade Snow Dragon Mountain are well worth a look as is Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong’s stunning forest and water pools.

The variety of scenery and sights in China is almost unparalleled around the world. You can spend a day with the Giant Pandas, see Siberian tigers or watch the wild monkeys near Emeishan. Travel to ultra modern cities like Hong Kong and Shanghai or explore the quiet lanes of the old Ming Dynasty city of Pingyao. Watch the sunrise at the stunning mountain, Huangshan, or gaze across the West Lake at Hangzhou, both centres of Eastern philosophy and where countless Chinese artists and writers have sat and gained their inspiration for classic works of Chinese art and poetry.

View the most popular China destinations below

Affordable China tours Packages

Our China tours cover everything from affordable China tours packages to escorted tours to China that take in the Silk Road and Tibet by rail. These epic train journeys complement the Trans Siberian and it’s possible to start your rail journey in Moscow and end it in the capital of Tibet, Lhasa and for the more adventurous there’s always the possibility of extending that all the way to Kathmandu via Everest Base Camp overland.

So if you are looking for a luxury tour or simply to travel to China, we have something for everyone. Choose from short add-ons in Beijing to your trip, to full programs that fill weeks. Affordable China tours packages that fit perfectly on the beginning or end of your Trans Siberian trip.

There are so many options for those wishing to travel to China before they start their Trans-Siberian adventure. Usually beginning in Shanghai or Hong Kong you can work your way up through China visiting a selection of the best China has to offer before you start the epic journey to Moscow by rail.

Need flights and a tour to China? We have affordable China tours packages that take care of it all for you so that you can take a tour to China at the beginning or end of your Trans Siberian journey and be secure in the knowledge your trip has been planned in detail from take off to landing . It’s easy to travel through China by rail or plane depending on how long you have for your trip.

Here we have a selection of China tours specifically designed to add onto and complement the Trans-Siberian. Just select from the options below whether you need a tour at the beginning or end of your Trans-Siberian rail tour.

Can’t find what you are looking for? We can also tailor any of our itineraries to meet your requirements and interests. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us as we are more than happy to share our experience.

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