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Veliky Novgorod Travel Guide

Veliky Novgorod Overview

Veliky Novgorod is one of Russia’s oldest cities established in 859 AD and lying between Moscow and St Petersburg. It’s proximity to the latter means it is often overlooked in favour of it’s much larger neighbour but there is plenty to see in Novgorod, particularly for those with an interest in Russia history. There is an extraordinary variety of medieval buildings and monuments to see and you can get a real feel how this city was in its heyday. The story of this city is as much the story of early Russian history.

Best Months to Visit Veliky Novgorod

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Best Reason to Visit Veliky Novgorod

Easy to overlook, Veliky Novgorod is well worth considering for those with an interest in Russia history as so much of that happened in this city.

Top Sights in Veliky Novgorod

 The Kremlin – This huge complex contains many of the city’s main sights and is free to enter. It has a great location by the river.

 Monument of the Millennium of Russia – impressive iron statue inside the Kremlin and erected in 1862 depicting famous figures from Russian history.

 St Sophia Cathedral – The most impressive of Novgorod’s Cathedrals including the 12th Century bronze Madgeburg doors from Germany.

 Yaroslav’s Court – The city’s original commercial district running along the riverbank.

 Fine Arts Museum – Featuring Russian art and a good deal less busy than St Petersburg’s galleries.

 History Museum – Covers the last 400 years of Buryat history.

 Fine Art Museum – Covers the local specialities including traditional Buryat paintings, Buddhist Thankas and horse hair tapestry.

Weather Averages for Veliky Novgorod

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Top Veliky Novgorod Travel Tip from TSTC

It is possible to visit Veliky Novgorod as an overnight stop between Moscow and St Petersburg or as a side trip using local trains from St Petersburg although it is often missed in favour of time being spent in the larger cities.

TSTC's Hand Picked Hotels in Veliky Novgorod

As the highlights of Veliky novgorod can be seen as a day tour most people usually arrive or depart by overnight train, see the city and then continue by train to Moscow or St Petersburg.

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By Phil Stanley & Headseast – TCTC Destination Expert.

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