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Khabarovsk Travel Guide

Khabarovsk Overview

Remote Khabarovsk is surrounded by the Taiga forests of Far East Russia. Yet it is a large, booming town due to it’s proximity to China just 25 km away over the Amur River that runs through the city. Rarely visited by Trans-Siberian travellers eager to get to the Vladivostok or Irkutsk, there is some good architecture to see and the city is a pleasant place to be in the summer months. Khabarovsk is also a base to make the day trips to either the Sikachi Alyan Nanai village and Birobidzhan, the administrative centre of the the Jewish Autonomous Oblast.

Best Months to Visit Khabarovsk

when to go Khabarovsk

Best Reason to Visit Khabarovsk

Rarely visited, Khabarovsk is for those with a special interest in the region and it’s culture and most travellers stay on the train to either Irkutsk if heading west or Vladivostok if heading east.

Top Sights in Khabarovsk

 The Far East Regional Museum is the top draw being one of Russia’s oldest with over 500,000 items in it’s collection. Of particular interest is the ethnographic section where you can learn about the indigenous cultures of the Russian far east.

 For any Trans-Siberian fan the Far Eastern Railway Museum, although small, has an interesting collection of models and photographs detailing the construction of the railway through this region.

 The Far Eastern Military Museum is a good option for those interested in military history and weaponry. Highlights include the propaganda poster collection and an officer’s railway carriage from the 1920s.

 The Geological Museum contains a large collection of rocks and minerals from the region and the Khabarovsk City History Museum makes a good job of covering the city’s history.

 The Cathedral of the Transfiguration is impressive and was completed only in 2004. It is the 3rd tallest in Russia.

 Dynamo Park is the best place to spend a summer’s afternoon watching locals going about there free time. Also for the summer is City Beach along the Amur river promenade and at least 300km from the real sea!

 For entertainment the Khabarovsk Circus is still thriving although perhaps not to everyones taste as many animals are part of the performances.

 In January the Ice Fantasy Festival is worth a look although the one at Harbin is much larger.

Weather Averages for Khabarovsk

climate chart Khabarovsk

Top Khabarovsk Travel Tip from TSTC

The summer is the best time to visit Khabarovsk and we would normally only suggest making it a  stop if you are making a more in depth exploration of Russia’s far east or are on your second Trans-Siberian trip!

TSTC's Hand Picked Hotels in Khabarovsk

The Intourist Hotel is a good all round option in Khabarovsk but for more comfort Parus Hotel is the best option.

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By Phil Stanley & Headseast – TCTC Destination Expert.

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