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When To Go To Mongolia

Best Time To Visit Mongolia

Undoubtedly the summer season from June to August is when the bulk of tourists visit Mongolia with the months of May and September also being popular although the weather can be a bit more of a gamble in those months. Bear in mind that most jeep tours are only possible from mid-May to early October as the ger camps relied on for accommodation close for the winter.

From October to April there is still a steady trickle of travellers and Mongolia in the depths of winter has it charms!

When To Avoid Mongolia

The thaw in April is probably the worst month although Ulaanbaatar itself is fine to visit at this time. If you don’t like crowds the “highlight” of the tourist calendar – the Naadam Festival – held annually from the 11th to 13th July is a good time to be away from Ulaanbaatar although the rest of Mongolia is fine. Of course, Naadam is for many the reason to be visit Mongolia so this is a personal preference.

It goes without saying that if you don’t like the cold avoid October to May!

Mongolia In The Winter

For a select few (including us for the record!) winter can be a good season for a short visit to Mongolia. Some Ger camps around Ulaanbaatar including our preferred Elstei Camp remain open throughout the winter and the gers are cosy and warm and the silence of the snow covered steppe is magnificent. Note however, that facilities are basic in the winter months with no showers or flush toilets to avoid pipes freezing.

For the adventurous Lake Khuvsgul holds a winter festival on the frozen lake in late February.

Climate Chart For Ulaanbaatar

climate map Ulaanbaatar

Climate Chart For The Gobi Desert

climate map gobi

Climate Chart For Lake Khuvsgul

climate map huvsgul


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