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Mongolia & The Trans-Siberian

Mongolia is one of the world’s most remote and intriguing travel destinations sandwiched between China & Russia. A vast, sparsely populated land of open steppe, forest mountains and desert yet known worldwide for having achieved so much in the past through the exploits of the hero of the nation – Genghis Khan.

Today you will find Mongolia offers one of the last chances to explore unspoiled wilderness and experience a nomadic lifestyle fast disappearing from the world’s remote places. It is the destination to “get away from it all” and offers superb opportunity for adventure during the short tourism season from mid-May to the end of September.

Mongolia can be reached by train from Beijing

The Trans-Mongolian route from Moscow to Beijing makes Mongolia quite accessible and few miss the opportunity to stop off for a few days to experience a night in ger. If you have time, a longer stay offers and unforgettable experience.

We hope this section will help with your travel planning and inspire you to visit Mongolia either as a stop off along the Trans-Mongolian rail trip or as a trip in itself. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.


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